Offering a distinctive blend of IT services, education and training resources, and information assurance solutions

About GBSI

Changing the technology industry from within

Global Business Solutions, LLC, established in 1995, offers customers a distinctive blend of IT services, education and training resources, and information assurance solutions. Managed by a team of executive leaders experienced in the fields of information technology and training services within industry and government, GBSI prides itself on exceeding expectations. Our award-winning solutions give clients the support tools needed to successfully deliver in evolving environments with confidence.

GBSI takes an innovative approach to:
• Business process engineering
• Technology integration
• Workforce development

To help customers
• Achieve expanding mission requirements
• Meet enterprise objectives
• Accomplish their goal on time and within budget

Headquartered in Pensacola, FL, Global Business Solutions, Inc. supports locations across the United States with superior standards and service. Our customer base spans the Department of Defense (DoD) and other Government organizations, as well as various commercial entities, providing tested and dependable IT solutions and cutting-edge training services.

At GBSI, we strive to provide effective Information Technology solutions, products, services and training to guide our customers toward personal and professional success.

Our Services

The Acceletrain Collaborative Learning Environment (formerly known as VILT) places industry certified and expert instructors, peers, learners and multi-media components into a “borderless classroom”, an interactive learning environment that can span multiple physical locations.

Information Technology is an extremely viable asset to an efficiently managed business. GBSI has the trained, certified and experienced staff to provide customized solutions for your business. Whether government or commercial, large or small, GBSI will tailor your solution to meet your technical requirements and budget constraints.

In this rapidly expanding digital age, information sharing across networks and systems demands faultless protection of sensitive data. GBSI works diligently to ensure our security solutions surpass government and industry standards for information protection and risk aversion in the business process.

Training Services

Our ability to provide in-classroom instruction, distributed learning, and virtual training with multimedia courseware is setting new standards for developing proficiently trained mission-ready graduates. Backed by longstanding experience in all areas of training, information technology, and facilities management.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Innovative IT Solutions