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Promoting workforce development through innovative & accessible learning

Preparing students for college and beyond

Acceletrain Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) from GBSI is transforming the education and training industry by integrating classroom-based training and virtual learning technologies to speed competency and increase workforce readiness.

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Helping schools across the country

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Rethinking education in changing times

Improving student readiness for college & careers

Expanding school catalogues to offer more valuable courses to students

Developing the cybersecurity and technical industries' workforce

Integrated learning for the future

Our course content and instruction focus on developing a workforce talent pipeline, so students are knowledgable and employable upon graduation.
Each component contributes to a true success story for students: college- and career-readiness right out of high school.

Cybersecurity Curriculum

Our industry-based curriculum and career pathway program includes everything a teacher needs to plan, customize, and effectively deliver courses.

Learn more about each pathway:
Middle School
High School

Extracurricular Activities & Competitions

Part of what makes a great program is keeping students curious and interested in the subject. Extracurricular activities can not only help students have fun and enjoy the subject, but can also create valuable, lasting connections with other future industry professionals.

Industry Expertise

Founded by Global Business Solutions, Inc., a leading IT solutions provider, ACCELETRAIN® is led by a team of cybersecurity experts. We choose our instructors carefully in order to connect students with experienced, knowledgeable teachers.

Collaborative Learning Environment

Our technology connects students and teachers in immersive, face-to-face classroom experiences that promotes collaborative learning to solve problems, complete projects, prepare for certifications, and compete in events.

Managed Services

The ACCELETRAIN® cloud-based platform provides students and teachers with secure access to curriculum, labs, certification test prep, and educational resources.

Teacher Professional Development

Teachers can become subject matter experts along with the students in order to eventually lead their own classrooms. Our ACCELETRAIN® instructors provide instructional guidance and expertise to in-classroom teachers.

Increasing accessibility of higher education

Pensacola State College (PSC) ran into problems trying to provide robust academic programs to underserved and remote satellite campuses. How did PSC solve their instructor shortage, expand course offerings, and cast a wider net for students?

Did you know there is a critical workforce shortage in the cybersecurity industry?

There are currently 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally. This workforce shortage poses a real problem for employers and businesses all over the world. We’re here to help solve this problem.

Changing the world, one student at a time

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ACCELETRAIN® brings students, instructors, and professionals together to network, teach, and learn from each other, no matter where each of us are located. This is an awesome tool that enhances students learning, resource sharing, and student performance.

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Angela Irby

Teacher, Pine Forest HS

Lori K. Anderson, M.Ed.

Workforce Education Specialist, Escambia County Schools

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The support that Global Business Solutions, Inc. has provided to Escambia County School District is exemplary! Teachers and students receive quick and thorough responses to any service requested. With the support of GBSI, students are broadening their skills and knowledge to be work-force ready in the cybersecurity field.

Lori Anderson, M.Ed.

Workforce Education Specialist, Escambia County Schools

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ACCELETRAIN gives students an opportunity to get ahead by teaching them the real world skills needed to succeed in Cybersecurity and Information Technology careers.

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Kevin Alexander

Teacher, Eisenhower HS

Ken Nettlebeck

Bear Valley HS

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GBSI is a fantastic program. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and provide an excellent cyber security curriculum for our students. 

Ken Nettlebeck

Teacher, Bear Valley HS

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