How Acceletrain Works

How the program works and how we resolve issues associated with both traditional and internet-based learning

Acceletrain CLE

Where training meets efficiency

We have developed a program that combines the benefits of the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom with innovative learning techniques and the cost savings of internet-based training. Our system is the result of eight years of design, integrated engineering and testing of sophisticated commercial off-the-shelf computer hardware and software, communication equipment, audio and video components, and learning technologies.

Rather than following the industry approach of using video conferencing or web-based meeting tools to simulate classroom learning, we started in the classroom. GBSI’s approach takes the familiar and engaging classroom teacher and student learning environment and applies technology appropriately to enhance and distribute quality learning.

A student talking to a teacher in front of a computer screen presentation

The Acceletrain Process


First, we train teachers to use the Acceletrain platform. Our platform includes an online portal, video conferencing, and endless resources for course content.


Next, we transform your classroom into a digital learning environment by loading content, building lessons and quizzes, and integrating apps.


It's time to teach! Teach cutting edge, industry-approved, and prebuilt Acceletrain courses that lead to stackable industry certifications.

An Acceletrain instructor giving a lesson virtually on a computer screen

Streamlined, state-of-the-art technology

To improve Career and Technical Education (CTE) outcomes, an Acceletrain classroom connects to industry expertise, teacher professional development and extracurricular activities via a secure cloud platform, providing an immersive face-to-face classroom experience that reduces installation and configuration costs for the school.

An Acceletrain instructor giving a lesson virtually on a computer screen
An Acceletrain instructor giving a lesson on a circuitboard

Preparing students & teachers alike

To graduate students into the IT/Cybersecurity workforce earning salaries in the $45,000 to $65,000 range, we developed an industry-based curriculum and career pathway program for cybersecurity Career and Technical Education (CTE). Our cybersecurity curriculum includes teacher professional development and lesson plans.

How to Get Acceletrain In Your School

Getting started with Acceletrain is easy. Simply contact us today to learn how we can begin nurturing student growth and development at your school!

Cybersecurity curriculum

Our curriculum includes everything an educator needs to plan, customize, and effectively deliver courses, including:

  • Lesson plans mapped to the Department of Education (DOE) framework
  • Instructor book with lecture slides
  • Teaching plan and program schedule
  • Cloud-hosted performance labs
  • I.T. advisory support

It’s never been easier to implement cybersecurity education in your school!

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Learn more about our curriculum and course pathway

Download the Acceletrain course pathway chart, which summarizes the Acceletrain cybersecurity courses, by filling out the form and clicking the link in the follow-up email.

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