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The ACCELETRAIN experience connects students with teachers, guest mentors, and subject matter experts in immersive, face-to-face interactions. The ACCELETRAIN approach provides districts, schools, and teachers with flexible access to formal, informal, consulting, co-teaching, and certification opportunities. Our instructors are certified subject matter experts who improve student outcomes through coaching, mentoring, and certification test prep.

And with the ACCELETRAIN Cybersecurity Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program, students earn stackable industry certifications while attending middle school, high school, or post-secondary classes. Upon high school graduation and completion of the ACCELETRAIN program, students are qualified to work as certified cybersecurity professionals in jobs paying $50-55,000.

How do we help educators?

Better utilization of space & instructors

Our cloud-based platform allows schools to more efficiently utilize existing classrooms and instructors. It also cuts down on instructor commute time and associated expenses.

Give students meaningful trade skills

Upon completion of the program, students are qualified to work as cybersecurity professionals in jobs paying $50-55,000 right out of high school.

Increase course offerings without significantly increasing costs

The ACCELETRAIN program allows schools to offer a larger variety of courses without needing to hire new instructors or increase physical teaching space.

Expand student enrollments at external campuses

Our cloud-based distance learning platforms can connect students at satellite campuses to main campus instructors, increasing enrollment at those satellie campuses.

The success of our program is dependent on co-teaching with school educators

At the beginning of the ACCELETRAIN program, our field-tested cybersecurity instructors co-teach with classroom teachers through our all-in-one distributive learning platform. We help educators develop their cybersecurity knowledge, allowing them to eventually take over classroom teaching.

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