How Acceletrain Help Parents

Providing cybersecurity training to give parents peace of mind for their child's future

Preparing students for life after high school

Helping your child become career and college ready

We developed the Acceletrain industry-based curriculum and career pathway program in order to graduate middle- and high-school students into college and the I.T. and cybersecurity workforce more prepared. Every one of our courses prepares students for a certification exam that leads to a career path.

In addition, students can experience the benefits of virtual instructor-led training:

  • Face-to-face classroom learning
  • Experienced and certified instructors
  • Encourages collaborative participation
  • Local access to needed training
  • Eliminates long commutes to class

How do we help parents?

Prepare your child for college and beyond

We graduate students into the IT/cybersecurity workforce with stronger competency & more confidence. Students can potentially receive college credits through Acceletrain courses.

Your child can become more cyber-safe

90% of cyber attacks are successful due to human error. Learning how to be more cyber-aware will not only assist your child in their future career, but in everyday life on the internet.

Your child will be qualified for reliable, well-paid work

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing, most important industries in America. The average starting salary is $55,000. Getting certified is key to qualifying for a job in the industry.

Help your child find meaning & purpose

A career in cybersecurity provides meaning & purpose, as protecting public and private computer networks can help keep us all safe online and offline.

We are Cyber

Exposing students to the world of cybersecurity in the early years is key to building a pipeline of talent to address the workforce shortage that the industry faces. Watch this video to learn how this is being done here on the Cyber Coast.

Does your child have what it takes to be a cyber warrior?

Because cybersecurity threats are so varied, the industry needs people of diverse backgrounds with different kinds of skills to make defenses as strong as possible.

Watch this brief video to find out if your child has what it takes to become a cybersecurity professional.

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