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Expanding horizons

In 2012, Pensacola State College (PSC) completed renovations on their Century, Florida campus. The campus is located on the site of a former county school building, strategically located to serve over 2,100 students who lived in Northern Escambia County Florida and parts of Southern Alabama.

The Century campus is ideally located for students commuting in from Southern Alabama. Another strategic attribute of the Century campus was its ability to serve dual enrolled high school students at nearby Northview High School.

Pensacola State College campus
Teacher giving a lesson in a computer lab

Complications arise

However, from the very beginning, problems arose with finding instructors both qualified and willing to drive from Pensacola to Century—a 50-minute commute each way notwithstanding traffic. It did not make sense for PSC to offer a full course schedule since there were not enough students or instructors to fill demand.

Limited course offerings forced many area students to endure the 50-minute commute to Pensacola to take their courses adding to their transportation costs and inconvenience. This defeated PSC’s purpose of having an extension campus to serve the local community and expand the PSC student body. 

Teacher giving a lesson in a computer lab

PSC’s problem of providing robust academic programs, comprehensive dual enrollment opportunities and unlimited instructional resources to underserved and remote satellite campuses is a national issue for secondary and post-secondary academic institutions.

So, how did PSC solve the instructor shortage, expand course offerings, and cast a wider net for students throughout North Escambia and Southern Alabama?

The solution was Acceletrain.

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