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Quality Policy

Global Business Solutions, Inc. is committed to achieving customer satisfaction and maintaining its reputation as a leading provider of IT and training services. We: gbsicloud3

  • Understand, meet and exceed our customers' requirements;
  • Consider all applicable requirements;
  • Provide the necessary resources for our people to perform their duties effectively and efficiently;
  • Achieve quality objectives by measuring effectiveness, monitoring performance and improving key processes through the continual improvement of our Quality Management System. 

In order to maintain the highest level of customer service, GBSI monitors and measures the following Quality Objectives:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • On-time Delivery
  • Conformance to Requirements
  • Sales/Capture Rate

Our approach to our Quality Management System (QMS) is based on the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle (PDCA). The basis of our business beliefs is represented in three pillars: Customer Focus, Process Approach and Risk-based Thinking.


Customer Focus

Our customers are the reason we exist. We aim to meet or exceed their needs and expectations to make them successful. We will even try to anticipate their needs and introduce solutions they’ve not seen before in the spirit of true partnership. Our success depends upon our customers’ success.

Process Approach

To deliver on our commitment to total customer focus, we constantly work on our internal processes to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency. We recognize that it takes countless individual activities to deliver our products and services and that the process approach ties them all together. Our business is a process that transforms several inputs (customer requirements, resources, skilled employees, etc.) into an output that meets our customer’s needs.  Within our business are several key processes that make it all work. Our processes are dependent upon one another and individually need continual attention and improvement.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to refine and change how we do things to reduce the time it takes to get something done with the least errors. When errors do occur, we use them as opportunities to learn and improve. We are never satisfied with how things are working now and strive to raise our game every day.

Risk-based ThinkingProcessValue

Looking ahead to anticipate what could happen is the reason we employ risk-based thinking throughout our organization. At several points in our process we purposely stop and ask two probing questions:

“What could go wrong?”

“Is there a way to improve?”

This perspective of constantly watching for risks and opportunities leads us to action which we carefully manage to ensure timely implementation and effective results. This gives us an attitude of being proactive to take advantage of every opportunity to improve.

We intend these three basic beliefs to cause our customers to stand up and take notice the difference we provide to them on a daily basis. Our quality management system has been carefully crafted to make these three pillars a real part of what makes us work.

Global Business Solutions, Inc. is committed to maintaining its reputation as a leading provider of IT services and training to achieve customer satisfaction by:



Acceletrain CLE features

block photo vilt

• Live, personal, classroom training
• Connects multiple classrooms
• Reduces instructor and travel costs
• Classrooms can be installed at your locations
• Enhances student collaboration
• Is independent of class size
• Is independent of time zone
• Mobile student interaction available




Training Services

block photo training

• Curriculum Development and Maintenance
• Training Management and Administration
• Live, virtual, Web-based, SCORM compliant components
• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Electronic classrooms
• Mobile training and testing equipment
• Vendor authorized training and certification
• Information Assurance and 8570.1-M Training
• Distance Learning
• Battle command training and education



IT Solutions

block photo jobs

• Application design, development, and integration
• Data center and technical support
• Help desk and operations services
• Database design and development
• Software engineering and consulting 
• Systems engineering and technology integration 
• Technology modernization and refresh
• Web application design and programming



Cyber Security

block photo cybersec

In this rapidly expanding digital age, information sharing across networks and systems demands faultless protection of sensitive data. GBSI works diligently to ensure our security solutions surpass government and industry standards for information protection and risk aversion in the business process. We understand there is zero margin for error when it comes to transferring, processing, and storing critical information.